Welcome to the SEED Lab



We are currently recruiting families with preschool aged children for our I ❤ Brains Study [learn more]

Dr. Grabell will be accepting a Developmental Psychology PhD student for Fall 2023 [learn more]

About Us

We are a research laboratory at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst that studies how young children learn to understand and control their feelings.

Emotion regulation is an important skill that emerges and develops rapidly across the early childhood years, yet we still know very little about how exactly emotion regulation works in young children.

At the SEED lab, we develop and study games that are exciting, fun, and teach children about their feelings.  These give us information on how children’s brain activity, physiological responses, and behaviors all work together.

We also seek to understand how children’s emotion regulation is shaped by their caregivers and environments, and are particularly interested in studying families from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

By studying the many different ways that young children learn to become aware of, express, and control their emotions, our laboratory hopes to contribute to a better understanding of healthy child development and how to better identify and treat children at risk for mood and behavior problems.

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