ECP Consortium

The Early Childhood Psychopathology (ECP) Mentorship Consortium

The Early Childhood Psychopathology (ECP) Mentorship Consortium is a joint research training effort comprising the laboratories of Drs. Lisa Harvey, Jennifer McDermott, and Adam Grabell.

The objective of the ECP Mentorship Consortium is to train students to conduct innovative research targeting myriad early childhood mental disorders using a wide range of methodological techniques. The ECP Mentorship Consortium creates a formal structure for students to customize their training and scholarship through access to resources and faculty across ECP labs.

Students accepted into an ECP lab will be encouraged to develop their own independent, cross-laboratory research projects within a guided, multi-mentor framework. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an ECP Mentorship Consortium journal club and learn data analysis and neuroimaging technologies via cross-laboratory training workshops.

Faculty Mentors of the ECP Consortium

Dr. Jen McDermott – Learning Lab

Dr. Lisa Harvey – Early Behavior Development Lab

Dr. Adam Grabell – Self-Regulation, Emotions, & Early Development (SEED) Lab

Dr. Maria M. Galano – Violence and Trauma Across the Lifespan (ViTAL) Lab

Dr. Evelyn Mercado – Family Relationships, Affective Science, & Minority Mental Health (FAM) Lab