Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Grabell is recruiting a Developmental Psychology Graduate Student for Fall 2023.

Applicants should be excited about the intersection of early child development, developmental psychopathology, wearable and mobile technology, and machine learning algorithms (applicants do not need to have hands-on experience in all of these areas, just an interest in their synergy). Dr. Grabell has a recent NIMH grant focused on using wearable devices in the home to measure preschool tantrums and create a tantrum-predicting algorithm, with opportunities for graduate students to collaborate with computer science colleagues, perform high-level analyses including machine learning, and disseminate papers to high-level scientific journals. Drs. Grabell, Rahman, and Gummeson’s emerging start-up is seeking an enthusiastic graduate student entrepreneurial leader to move the company through early fundraising and commercialization strategy efforts.

If you are interested in this position or hearing more about the lab contact Dr. Grabell at

Resources for Graduate Students

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