Experiment Room — Where subjects play fun games on our touchscreen computer
Waiting Room — Parents/guardians and children can hang out here while subject is in the experiment room


We are interested in having preschool- and kindergarten-aged children play special computer games. While the children are playing these games, we use the child-friendly brain imaging technology, fNIRS, to see what parts of the brain are being used. 

Current Studies:

LEAF Study

The goal of the  Learning About Feelings (LEAF) study is to better understand how young children manage their feelings, and how this predicts their behavior in the future. 

Currently,  we’re recruiting children ages 3 through 5 who could be described as irritable. Examples of irritable behavior include (but are not limited to): grumpiness, being easily angered or upset, and being short-tempered.

If your child meets these criteria, [CLICK HERE] to learn more or participate.

Upcoming Studies:

Tantrum Study

Find out more about this upcoming study [HERE].

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