Experiment Room — Where subjects play fun games on our touchscreen computer
Waiting Room — Parents/guardians and children can hang out here while subject is in the experiment room


Here at the SEED Lab we are interested in having preschool age children play special computer games. While the children are playing these games, we use child-friendly brain imaging technology [fNIRS] to see what parts of the brain are being used. 

Current Studies

Leaf Study

Our current study is called the Learning About Feelings Study (LEAF Study). The focus of the LEAF study is to better understand how young children manage their feelings, and how this predicts their behavior in the future. 

Right now we’re recruiting children between ages 3 and 5 who could be described as irritable. Examples of irritable behavior include (but are not limited to): grumpiness, being easily angered or upset, and being short-tempered.

If your child meets these criteria, [Click Here] to learn more or [Click Here] to participate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child do there?

  • Playing fun games on our touchscreen computer, and completing a few pre-game tasks. — Our lab is extremely child friendly. From the second you and your child (or children) walk in the door, we make sure that your child(ren) are constantly entertained and kept busy. The child participating will play games on a touchscreen computer while any siblings may play with the many toys we have in our waiting room.

What about my other kids?

  • We offer entertainment and free babysitting. — Any siblings or other children who visit our lab will get to hang out in our awesome waiting room, where there are many activities to keep them happily entertained. Kids can watch shows on our TV connected to Netflix & PBS Kids, play with any of our awesome toys, and have fun with members of our friendly team.

When are you open for us to visit?

  • Anytime. — The SEED Lab works hard to accommodate any families that seek to participate in our studies. Therefore we will try our hardest to accommodate you whenever you are available to visit.

What do I do when my child is participating?

  • Most parents choose to hangout in our waiting room. — We encourage parents/caretakers to relax in our waiting room while your child is participating in our study. We offer a nice quiet space to relax with a TV, as well as coffee/tea and snacks. If you have another child with you, the waiting room also provides entertainment for children. Plus, a member of our team will be happy to assist in watching your accompanying child(ren).