What is Emotion Regulation?

Why Do We Care About Your Child’s Ability to Regulate Emotion?061015_control-emotions

From the tantrums to the tears, to the giggles, to the uncontrollable laughing fits, your child’s brain regulates all of these emotional responses. When you tell your little one to share their favorite toy, what processes do their brains undergo to determine whether they will keep their cool or implode with rage? Turns out, we are regulating emotion on a regular basis, sometimes without even realizing we are doing so. In order to calm themselves down, or prevent an outburst from happening, your child is implementing a variety of emotional control strategies; when those strategies (i.e- deep breathing, rationalization, etc.,) fail, or are not implemented in the first place, Que the catastrophic supermarket meltdown. QuestionsClick Here to learn more about what emotion regulation is, why it is so important, and some strategies you can use to help effectively regulate emotions yourself (because we can only deal with the supermarket meltdown so many times before we feel like melting down ourselves!).

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